Dr Man Kay Li

Mt Elizabeth Novena Hospital, Singapore

President, UAA

Email : mkli56@gmail.com


UAA has grown and maturing to embrace Asian urologists in a big family despite diverse culture and living standards. With the Bahrain Urological Association and Kuwait Urological Association joining the UAA this year we have now 25 member Associations and putting all individual members of each Association we have a total of 23,000 urologists. I appeal to all members to work together to take the challenge in creating a successful and better future.

Our annual Congress is a platform for Asian urologists to meet, to exchange ideas, to new technology and to learn from masterclasses. If we have 30% of each member Association attending our Congress the number of participants would be 7000!!! The Asian Residency Course will be organized in conjunction with the coming annual Congresses. The Youth program will continue to enable younger urologists to foster friendship and to mature. UAA is committed to support education and research, to promote knowledge, to help Associations with limited resources, and to invest in our youths who will be our next leaders.

Dr Allen Chiu, our Secretary General has put enormous efforts to introduce new activities. The Asian School of Urology has three Directors: Dr Shin Egawa, Dr Michael Wong and Dr Muhammad Salam and obviously activities have increased. Asian board of Urology is our next target. Member Associations can invite a lecturer from and sponsored by UAA for their local annual meetings. We will endorse UAA training centres in Asia where special techniques and new advances are taught on a regular basis. Asian guidelines in various disease entities are in progress. We will have stronger ties and partnerships with AUA, EAU and SIU in our coming annual Congresses, together with support from all our members we can make UAA prosper and rise to greater heights.

Greetings from Singapore and see you in Hong Kong in August 2017.