The Aims of UAA are:

How we plan to accomplish these aims:

  1. Established a standard format of the Scientific Congress of the UAA.
  2. Set guidelines for patient care
  3. Send teams of visiting clinicians to less developed regions
  4. Collaborate with other major urological organization: EAU, SIU,AUA, & Australasia.
  5. Develope training centers for sub-specialty in urology: Endo / Onco / Reconstructive & Pediatric,  etc.
  6. Initiate data collection through multi-center studies
  7. Set a standard in urological training (Fellow of Board of Urology of Asia)
1. Standard format of ACU 2. Guidelines 3. Visiting Asian School of Urology team 4. Collaboration with major urological associations. 5. Developing specific training centers. 6. Multi-center study. 7. Set a standard in urological training (1)